Saeza hand and body moisturizing routine

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Still do not know the benefits of cannabis oil for your skin? Contrary to what you may think, it is one of the greatest allies for your skin. Among its benefits, we highlight: Protects the skin, anti-aging effect, soothing for the most sensitive skin, good for acne and great hydration.

What are you waiting for to include it in your daily routine? You will get amazing results.

With this routine you will get hydrated skin and soft hands without cracks.

What does the pack include?

Saeza body moisturizing cream 200ml

With arnica, caffeine, and cannabis oil, it helps nourish, soothe, hydrate, and fight premature skin aging. It will also give you an extra luminosity and elasticity.

Saeza hand cream 75ml

With cannabis oil, caffeine and arnica extract you will protect your hands, constantly exposed to external aggressions, while nourishing and hydrating your skin, improving its appearance thanks to its cellular regeneration effects. 


With clean and exfoliated skin, it is time to hydrate with Saeza Body Moisturizing Cream, the properties of cannabis oil are ideal to hydrate your skin at that time.

Using your fingers, spread and massage the product through your hands, making sure to apply it to all areas until it is completely absorbed.

95% natural ingredients, with caffeine, cannabis oil and arnica 


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