Macaronesia cuidado de la piel

Beauty, sun and nature

Macaronesia Suncare was born to help sun lovers protect and pamper their skin while enjoying its rays. What one day began as a small line of solar cosmetics, has become a place where you can find various products and brands that share the same common denominator: a formulation based on different natural products.

What differentiates us

Our main difference with respect to other brands is that, from Macaronesia Suncare we take care of creating the mixture of the formulas, packaging our products, and taking them to the stores with which we work. In this way, the entire process of creating our products is supervised and controlled by us.

Our brands

Our project was born with Tabaibaloe, a brand whose main ingredient is 100% Canarian aloe vera. After her, others would arrive that have been changing according to the demand and acceptance of our clients.

Currently, the Macaronesia Suncare brands are: Tabaibaloe, Tabaibasun, Saeza, Eolian and Inecto.

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