Frequent questions

Do you know what your skin type is?

    • Type 1 Always burns easily, never tans, and extremely sensitive to the sun. It includes redheaded people and those with freckles on their faces.
      • Type 2: Burns easily, tans poorly, and is also sensitive to the sun. People with fair complexions and blondes.
        • Type 3. Sometimes it burns, takes on a golden tan and with a little sensitivity to the sun.
          • Type 4: Minimally burns, tans moderate brown, and has virtually no sensitivity to the sun.
            • Type 5 rarely burns, acquires a good tan, and no sun sensitivity on the skin.
              • Type 6. Never burns, with highly pigmented skin, and no sun sensitivity on the skin.

              What is the SPF?

              SPF is the Sun Protection Factor. Use this number to determine how long you can stay in the sun without burning yourself by using sunscreen. For example, if you can tolerate the sun for 10 minutes without burning yourself, an SPF 15 will give you 15 times that, that is, 150 minutes of protection without burning you.

              How do I determine my skin type?

                • Do you get burned often? If so, you need a product that offers you high protection from the sun, even when you are taking a bath. Test SPF 50 or 45.
                  • Do you burn slightly and tan slowly? Just getting a tan doesn't mean you don't need protection. Try using SPF 15 or 30.
                    • Do you rarely or only slightly burn? If so, try SPF 8 or 15.

                    Do I need to be extra cautious in the sun if I am taking medication?

                    Photosensitivity, an increase in sensitivity when exposed to the sun, is a possible side effect of certain medications. This includes some types of antibiotics, heart and blood pressure medications, antihistamines, and antidepressants. Consult the pharmacist regarding any medical prescription.

                    At what age should my baby use a product with SPF?

                    Babies under 6 months should be out of reach of sunlight. Its skin is very thin and it is not able to produce enough melanin properly to protect itself. In babies older than 6 months, including adolescents, damage from the sun or skin cancer is greatly reduced.


                    How can I find out what is the SPF I need?

                    For this you have to consider several factors:
                      • How long will I be in the sun?
                      • What is the expected UV index per day?
                      • What time of day are you going to sunbathe and what activity will I do?
                      • What is my skin type?

                    1. Tips for the sun:
                        • Apply sunscreen (SPF 15 or higher) to protect yourself from the damaging effects of the sun's ultraviolet rays.
                        • Apply the cream often, at least every two hours.
                        • Lips need protection too - use SPF 15 or more from a lip balm.


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                        If I am not convinced, can I return my order?

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                        How can I return my order or exchange?

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                        I have a problem with my order ... What can I do?

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                         Is it suitable for men?

                        Of course! You have to pamper yourself without exception! ;) The products are unisex, a man can apply any of our products and notice their benefits and properties